TIM ELLIOTT, Vice President

Director of Urban & Town Economic Rejuvenation
Baltimore Studio

Where others see blight, decay, misuse or disuse, Tim Elliott sees potential. A lot of potential. Tim is the Director of Urban & Town Economic Rejuvenation for JMT.  He is a visioneer and reinvents towns and cities by rewiring existing economic engines and connects commerce, community, and culture for the benefit of all.

Tim earned his BA degree in Architecture &Business from the University of Maryland and has more than 30 years of experience in design, administration, and project management for developments ranging in value from $20 million to $300 million. His Development Visionary work spans from the northeast to the southeast merging campus, commerce, community, and culture to create positive economic momentum.

Tim’s motivation is growing economies in university towns for scale, culture, and Downtown Joy for all; outside of the office, he likes to think he spreads joy at home with his wife and two daughters. He also is an avid Disney fan and states, “Disney is exceptional at creating meaningful spaces in between buildings that are just as important along he stroll as the buildings themselves. Placemaking and careful attention to traffic planning creates repeat business and drives revenue important for project and city success”.


BA Architecture & Business
University of Maryland


Phone: 443.604.1240
Email: telliott@jmt.com