Davidge Hall
University of Maryland, Baltimore

The College of Medicine of Maryland Building, known as Davidge Hall, has been in continuous use for medical education since its completion in 1813. It is the oldest such structure in the United States and was the first building built and put into use to be known as the University of Maryland.

JMT has been responsible for providing all professional services for the design and construction of interior and exterior renovations to the building. Interior renovations included renovations to improve public amenities and accessibility. This scope of work was completed in 2021.

Exterior renovations currently underway are design services for the complete restoration of the Davidge Hall roof from the frieze to the dome including the gable and quadrant and intermediate roofs, the skylights, and built-in gutters. Failures of the existing roof have allowed water to penetrate the iconic auditorium below. Thorough research was required to “correct” past non-historic modifications and restore the dome and roof to its original grandeur. Once completed and weather tight again, the University will proceed with a full restoration of the interior spaces. Construction is scheduled to begin this year.

JMT architects, collaborating with our Cultural Resources staff, worked with UMB and the Maryland Historic Trust to determine and receive approval for a historically and technically correct solution.




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University of Maryland, Baltimore


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