Collaborative Care and Chronic Disease Management

The Collaborative Care and Chronic Disease Management units at Good Samaritan Hospital were created with the renovation of two second floor wings of the Russell Morgan Building.  These units now have a spacious shared reception and waiting room located right off of the main elevators.

The key goal of the project was to remove the central building core space in the west wing to provide an open-design for a nurse and doctor zone.  This created an opportunity for visual transparency between the doctors & nurses with their patients from the main corridors to the exam rooms.  Exam rooms were designed to provide a comfortable environment for patients with chronic diseases to receive their treatments.  In addition, the renovation gave way to much-needed updates to the hospital wing to comply with current ADA guidelines.

The new Collaborative Care unit includes outpatient exam rooms, an open centralized provider touch down area, and additional support spaces for collaboration. The new Chronic Disease Management unit includes exam rooms, lab space, offices and supply areas.






Baltimore, MD